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the Salary: Complaint for non-payment of salary

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the the salary of The worker: Complaint for non-payment of wages

Be considered salary the entirety of the perceptions of economic of the workers, in cash or in kind, for the benefit of their work services for others, whether it rewards effective work, whatever the form of remuneration, or the rest periods accounted for as work. In no case is the salary in kind will be able to overcome the 30-by-100 of the salary payments of the employee.

will Not have the consideration of salary the amounts received by the worker in respect of compensation or supplemented by the expenses incurred as a result of their employment, benefits and allowances of the Social Security and the compensation corresponding to transfers, suspensions or dismissals.

the wage Structure

Modular Build: Gro?e total look, in the Museum fur angewandte Kunst Koln .
By collective bargaining or, in its defect, the individual contract determining the wage structure, they should understand the base salary, as refund fixed by unit of time or work, and in their case, wage supplements set in function of circumstances relating to the personal conditions of the worker, the work carried out or to the situation and results of the company, which is calculated in accordance with the criteria to such effect to the agreement.

Also pactara the character consolidable or not such salary, not having the character of qualifying, unless otherwise agreed, those who are linked to the job or the situation and results of the company.

All the tax burdens and Social Security paid by the worker will be satisfied by the same, being null any agreement to the contrary.

to Operate the compensation and absorption when the wages actually paid, in its entirety, and computation annual, they are more favourable to workers than those set out in the order normative or conventional reference.

the Warranty salary: Indefeasible

The salary is protected against the creditors of the worker by the indefeasible.

The indefeasible can be absolute or relative, in function of the amount of the salary.

With character general, it establishes the indefeasible absolute minimum wage (smic) (art. 27.2 LET, and art. 607.1 LECiv).

If the salary is really perceived exceeds the amount of monthly minimum wage (smic), the part in excess of the same is partially attachable (embargabilidad relative), according to the following scale.

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Source: the salary of The worker: complaint for non-payment of wages

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