From Social Media to Content Marketing: Not to think of the channel!


the From Social Media to Content Marketing: „We must cease to think of the channel!»

I am often asked by students, journalists, other bloggers, companies, and no sound is heard at Present, which, in my view, the gro?te error was to make the company with Social Media. And I have mostly only one answer: That the companies think from the sewer! In this Thinking for years inserted: The first question, which is all the „How can I reach my target audience?» And you immediately think „channels». But this is a mistake! And a follow rich. Because it creates a lot of problems!

to understand

what I mean, this helps graphics. There, the channel is very aware of the periphery and not the center. The channels are the „media» so the Ubertrager of the Contents, and are therefore also „au?en». In the centre of the „Story&#8220, however, is; what is the relevance for the defined reference groups — but also the Benefits for the own company. The „Story» the heart and the head of all the things to do — and I do not mean only the „Story» in the sense of „Storytelling» — but also, and especially, the „Story» in the journalistic sense. My recommendation is: Think from the centre to au?en — and not au?en to the center. And why the has quite a lot of strategic, conceptual and also practical benefits, I want to explain here.


The talkabout „Story Circle 2.0″


Of Social Media to Content Marketing


The Story

First define how the „Story». This is the guiding principle. So how „Happiness» in the case of Coca-Cola. Or „sheer Driving pleasure at BMW». Or „Vorsprung durch Technik» in the case of Audi. But it can also „We help where we can» helps to be as in the case of Telecom, or the Social Media Team at the track. This idea can be used with the brand and consumers (not, it should in the ideal case). Because we develop them from the perspective of our reference groups — the „Personas» and „Customer Journey». But at the same time, we define our messages, „the Moral of the G’layer» so to speak. The art is to unite in the Story, the interests of target groups and of our company. But you go on never without a good Story. Because she is your guiding light — and without the guiding light you are lost. Sure as hell. (Pssst: The „Story» by the way, in the least: „My house! My Yacht! My Car. 0 reason why I’m so great!»).




The protagonists

the protagonists are what gives a story life. For this, you must try the fashion word „Storytelling». We need to know about who or what we are talking about. In a love story, it takes (at least) two Lovers. But it needs a sales people? Someone, the loving couple always wants to sell something? I have to say no. But perhaps the sales person is a good friend of the family and brings together the lovers? Then it makes sense again. Then he provides benefits and is also to be sympathetic. It is only important that you distribute the roles to the right place!

Description of the article: social media conference, I am often asked what, in my view, the gro?te error in Social Media. My only response: That companies from the «channel» in mind.

Source: From Social Media to Not think of Content Marketing: «channel.»

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