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the Correctly formulated — damage regulated — home contents insurance
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My washing machine is causing damage to a water and dam-damaged My washing machine from tilting from the Base of the hose breaks, it creates damage to the water and the washing machine is a total loss. Have to pay the home insurance on the broken machine if you caused the damage? Our insurance refuses because the washing machine has caused the damage.

under-insurance waiver What is «under-insurance waiver» in the case of household contents insurance?

household insurance in the case of self-inflicted damage Before I put myself in the terms and conditions of my home and liability compact insurance sturze, we can give an Expert might be able to help? The home insurance also pays for Schäthe, the has caused by your own ToFFEL nature?

Schädelhirntrauma car accident hoher promotion insurance Yesterday, I was in a car accident, because the Person braked in front of plouseful, and I drove her back. It is clear that it is my fault. Your Mercedes only a few scratches were in the back to see, but my car looks a lot worse. Now I have to goort, «the older lady has a Schädelhirntrauma. However, she said at the scene that she has neck pain and is therefore already in treatment. Do you think it will be very expensive and my insurance company is very graded high? I’m n-namely in the trial period, and we have changed the insurance. The car is registered to my mother and that I may also go thus.

the bathroom and hallway under water, what to do? My 3-jäyears, son has set the grade when showering, the bathroom under water. In the time that I was in the Kuche, he has to hold the drain so that the water is running. When I got there the water was about 1cm high in the bathroom (we have a very small bathroom, because this went quickly), and came to meet me already as a Pfutze in in the hallway. I got the water turned off and the Bothe schnellstmoresembled dried, however, some water probably went under the laminate flooring from the hallway, it came at the point of entry of the laminate, n-namely, the «mountainängen to the nursery and the pantry out swollen. After my drying action everything looks now actually back to normal, however, the laminate makes in front of the bathroom when entering Geränoises and I’m scared that because of mould. o.-. or the laminate is coming up. What to do for the best to dry, or everything must go? Under our apartment, only the basement. We are living as a tenant in the apartment, the laminate in the hallway was already laid in the nursery, where it seems like one of what is clean gone, we have moved it yourself at our expense. There are Sofortmaß, I can make the damage reduction? The floor must be out, or the can dry? Do I have to notify insurance? Had imagined the weekend to start somehow, more relaxed.

home insurance water damage incl. Damage, speed-equipment We had in the basement of our house to water damage. In the space of a W&auml included;dryer is about ten years, however, until the water damage was working fine(brand). A bill we no longer have. Insurance agent says, because Yes, this Gerät already old and not much gezaht. Electrician has a cost of repair due to water damage is about 450,- in writing to bestätigt, naturepaired, of course. An electrician was sent by the way of insurance and the cost of short reports fur this Gerät for us 50,-. What is the value of I expect from the insurance company. Furthermore, transport boxes, the ren for our speedäft future in the basement dining — —but now no more hygienic kocan, and that is but the A and O of our Geschäftes. The insurance of these boxes from the insurance exclude’s can? We use these boxes to h-often.

Pizza in the oven about 5 hrs, baked it and forget it. carbon black. inside, everything is black..who pays I have a Problem. my son of 16 years has made in the evening to 1:00 a Pizza..werend the waiting time fell asleep about 15 min,when I was in the morning awake because I had to arebiten Smoking the Kuche out of the oven..Pizza is as light as a Ferder..and coal Raven black. The glastur ( disc) total dark brown..the inside it’s all dark.- Pays the Household. have 500 euro investments in other companies, ending-now the furnace is 1 year old and the bill is 500 euro-is the ish though report can but pay in the end anyway yourself. because of the self-from 500 euro

Computer after a Thunderstorm broken. Insurance claim? Hi guys, after the storm from the weekend, my PC went in the Morning. In the subject of swollen-ft -review-ft -overvoltage damage. Individual components go, however, to use rät Händler from this. The Gerät is a few years old but it only high quality parts were installed (Asus, SLI etc), value of time -about 2000 Euro. Now lässt not everything more to replace because they are no longer available. My question now is: I Have (in the case of insurance claim) right to an equally high-quality System? Or muß, I give myself 0815 Hardware satisfied? Thank you fur the reply Lebowski

liability insurance does not want to pay the damage to Hello, my child has a liability insurance, you had to take now, because it has caused my car damage (not by driving). The VS begrund now the rejection of the payment with extension of Cover includes the liability of the owners or holders of vehicles, or Sch-caused by the use of a vehicle. mh is not Yes it’s Yes the car has Dam-damaged because you dropped the Torlatte. Damage 1000€. So what I Argue againstuber the VS? because, once again, describe how it happened, I think fur well. «excessive-casual? We also have extra than the damage created by the VS called, and asked whether this Situation is covered. the answer was Yes..then we were directed to the claims Department. Please help

have caused the known damage to the car, I’ve got bloß private liability and household contents se -cover my personal liability? or it is uber the well-known need to run your insurance company?

Household water damage / new value to determine fur 3x countertops sections? By a water damage in basement, f-presumably, the household verses. muß, is now to be a detailed damage list with the relevant invoices, or the replacement value delivered. Now, among other things, this 3x KuChen work were drawn plates sections affected, which should come in the Kuche, to the application as kl. Counter Top + Window Sill. (It was cut from the 90cm deep bought APL a 70cm deep) with The edges of the section should be stained. Only the HSR-Verse. the CPL. Countertop in the account, individually, in the Maß get the section. Man mußte a CPL. buy and the corresponding Maße zusägen. Or muß be the one of the corresponding qm to calculate the purchase price of the actual new CPL.

insurance companies in the old home needed hi, if you live in the old home. benotaken to a household contents insurance and a liability insurance? I think. that a liability insurance policy makes sense, if a man, for example hrt other residents when Manoeuvring with the wheelchair if a umfä. If the Alteneimbewoner accordingly, pays the liability? But benotaken to a household insurance including glass breakage fur 3 own Mobelstucke (2 Kommonaden. 1 chair, nothing Expensive) and the Clothes are in the closet?

the Kuchenmobel due to water damage, dam-damaged hi, due to water damage are two H-ngeschränke of our Kuche dam-damaged been, so this will be seängt had to be. The Kuche -about 10 years old and the manufacturer no longer exists. What can I demand from my insurance? Actually, I need a new Mobel fur the complete Kuche, since the old H-ngeschr-not to get nke, or to restore.

household insurance. Liability insurance. Good Morning, does anyone know of a good household insurance, and good insurance, the schell, the Schäedited the and pays? Gruß Eisbaer

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