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Welcome to the MoneyKiG clearing house
the MoneyKig services:
the MoneyKiG — receivables management:

you have open invoices / authorised claims or is your customer paying their invoice late?

you Can’t pay a bill on time? You don’t bury your head in the Sand, talk to us.

The unique concept here is the Moneykig in Germany, we offer you credit request, or in the case of ongoing loans with a consulting and monitoring fee of 59,50 euros in the year, the person-to-person Coach.

no one can know in advance whether they can support the Rates.

The loss of jobs or health restrictions threaten their financial smooth flow!

you want to Invest money or do you want to financially be flexible? Compare and Save with us, time, nerves and money.

The guidelines for the loan assumption have been tightened also after the financial collapse under the consideration of the international financial market.

The changes to the Loan origination

for example, Basel II, Basel III changed.

The result of this is that the interest rates for loans for other permanent often to the detriment of the credit and borrower.

please Note, this can go hand-in-hand every loan request at a Bank to a negative deterioration of your Schufa — Scores.

you just have to ask us you can Coach to contact us,

before you take advantage of supposedly cheap deals.

no longer simply Make more from your money, you pay more than it is necessary.

Our Knowledge to advise your advantage with confidence when Applying, loans, tax-free wage benefits granted in respect of overtime, and claims management .

Easy MoneyKiG financial «costs»!

With this offer, you can find your new Car insurer,

can save you up to 400 Euro in the year.

the display of The insurance results are independent and free of charge.

The Large Car rate comparison on the side of the MoneyKiG financial

Here, you can compare and save with and about us.

After the conclusion of the insurance, you will receive your electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) directly online.

We are pleased if you find the right insurer and wish you a good journey at all times. Your MoneyKiG Financial Team!

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