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the how to find work with simplicity

As we have mentioned, to follow the principle of simplicity (not simplicity) can make the difference, also in the search of work and in professional and personal life in general. Since so, it has seemed to me the article Borja Prieto, what To do if you lose your job . published on his blog, Triggered .

These 15 points not just to me seem more than reasonable but also today I have been good because the week has started busy, with many stories in mind and a trip lightning on Thursday to Madrid to talk about a community project 2.0 for a network of organizations for the job. You ire counting if the thing bears fruit.

I Already advance that I especially liked proposals 1 and 6, and a large part of the recommendations revolve around the motivation everyday to look for work. networking classic and the other (via Twitter. Linkedin. Xing. Facebook ), and even the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur. All the suggestions have to do in any way with the right thing to do. And that is that it is said of «looking for a job is a job» comes to mean something like «continues to act as if you were not unemployed», ?not?

1. Salt house before 9

All working days, without exception, madruga, aseate, wear and salt house. Although the only thing you do is buy the bread, or just a walk, it is very important to keep your time synchronized with that of the “normal people”. If you do not, you will enter soon into a spiral of getting up late, going to bed later, spend the morning half asleep and leganoso and get to the evening with the feeling that you have passed another day without doing anything.

If you go to the street, additionally, you will look at yourself as a person “active” and not as a holgazan, and it is important to first believe it and then pass it on to others.

What I said in the previous point, but what he remarked: aseate every day. Keep at least the same image as when you were working: afeitate, maquillate, peinate… And don’t go out to the street in a tracksuit (unless you go to do sports) or with clothing raida. Maintain the self-image is an essential requirement to maintain the self-esteem.

3. Do not watch tv

The tv is toxic. It makes you be quiet, passive, and when you realize you have been gone the morning zapeando between medical advice for retirees, basque chefs and testimony of housewives. Never, under any concept, no matter what happens, you turn on the tv before 6 pm. If you can not turn it on throughout the day, the better. Not have the alternative of flopping on the sofa to watch tv you are forced to devote your time to other things, whatever that may be will be better than doing nothing.

4. Talking with people

to Be alone, giving turns to the bad luck that you have, and how unjust is the world to you is not going to help you out of your situation. Reversely, minara your chances of getting out of it. On the contrary, have a coffee or eat lunch with old colleagues or friends, you can be a good way to remember it if by chance they are presented with the possibility of looking for someone for a job. And if not, at least you will have new ideas, and being aware of what’s going on in the world of work.

That if, do not use your friends to llorarles and lament your situation. By very good friends that are, end up tired of you. Them, even if they have work, also have their problems, and all over the world prefer to speak with someone upbeat and lively with a ash that everything looks black.

5. Identify your strengths and opportunities

spend some time to assess exactly that you can contribute to someone willing to hire you. Value more objectively than you can your knowledge and experience, and think in that type of companies and positions could be useful. A good idea is to contrast an external reference, a friend that can help you to separate your fantasies from reality, or perhaps to discover qualities that you have not reviewed.

6. Broad your horizon job

If your sector is in crisis, perhaps it is time to consider a change in your career. It doesn’t have to be a radical change, but if you have to be willing to do things that I didn’t have done. An example: if, until now dirigias works projects, and there is no longer works they direct, your knowledge of leadership projects may be useful in other fields.

Attempts to identify sectors on the rise, and put more defendants, and look into which you could fit with more ease.

7. Complements your training

Compare what you know with what the market demands and apresurate to fill in the gaps. Since you have time dedicalo to train you. If the courses that are in the INEM are very basic and don’t fit in your profile, pay for other out-of-pocket if necessary.

8. Go a couple of months to England or Ireland

If you do not have a level of English acceptable, like to have a conversation, professional-is the time to put the day. The level of life now is not much more expensive, and it is likely that you can find a job, even if it is crappy, to offset the expenses. Who knows, maybe even find a job that suits your expectations.

do Not know is that English will open doors, is that you do not know this you can close many. If these two or three months in a country speaking English, you will learn enough to manage, even if you do not give classes. Doing the exam at the British Council to have an official title, to the back, costs about 100 euros, so you have no excuse not to speak English in a time.

9. Please search for work from the first day

even Though you have many months ahead with the money of the “arrest”, time flies, and when you realize you’ll be distressed thinking as they are falling, the last leaves of the calendar that marked the date in which you will still be without anything. Starts from the beginning to look for work.

And looking for work is not send resumes identical with no rhyme or reason to any company you can think of. That is only to justify “is that I have sent more than tropocientos resumes, and have not gotten nor an interview…”. Or are you going to get as well.

Search in the job portals, update there your profile, adapt and tweak your cv for each one of the posts to which you are applying, make a follow-up of each offer… keep in mind that your job now is to look for a job, so you should devote at least eight hours a day.

10. Used professional social networks

A large percentage of the work is to get to base contact. It is not a matter of “plug-in”, such as confidence. LinkedIn or Xing are very helpful to expand your network of professional contacts, and a recommendation of a well-known common can be crucial for you to find work.

11. Do not prepare for objections

it May seem contradictory, coming from someone who has passed a competition being unemployed, but I’ve seen people sink more in your situation by empenarse in take a few oppositions.

In times of crisis, the oppositions are made attractive to more people, so you are competing with more people to get a job, and that makes them more difficult. More important: the process is long, and it is normal that you find that you have invested a whole year round for nothing. In your resume there is a gap getting bigger so that, as the ludopata who is losing at the casino, you start to believe that your only chance of recovering the investment is to continue betting.

at The end you are just rendering, you have not found a job in the private company, not you have passed, each time you face the exams with more distress (this undermines your chances of making them well), and just being in the “opposition” for years.

12. Accepts any job

Or almost any. Although before you had a job and a salary far superior to those you now offer, it is preferable to accept almost anything rather than to continue in unemployment. Even if you have money saved of the indemnification, and you get a benefit every month, that is just before of what you think, and then lamentaras not have accepted the job that now you refuse.

on the other hand, it is much easier to get a new job already having one than from unemployment. And if your resume is not have happened to a below post, the worse it is to have a gap of months. At the end of the day, if someone asks you, why you accepted that job, you can always say something in the line of “I am a very hardworking person and for me it is important to be helpful and such… also supposed to an opportunity to get to know the sector / broaden my experience / to develop new skills…”

13. Beam “bungling”

Traditionally, the outlet for many unemployed mientran found another position, “fixed” has been “lend a hand to the brother-in-law” that paid a few eurillos. This is not limited to plumbers or electricians, but you can do it almost any: consulting, translations, small projects, classes… in Addition to receive a extra money, keeps you active and allows you to meet people that may be the source of a job.

The legality of a thing as well, is a thing of each. But if it is necessary, on the size of the project, you can suspend for a few weeks the unemployment coverage without losing it.

14. Think of the self-employment

If you see that doing those “bungling” going well, think that the best way of you will never be in the unemployment is not dependent on another will work. According to your skills, as a freelance you can earn much more by working less than before. And without a crisis to leave you with one hand in front and another behind. Or even, if you see yourself with strength, you can risk and create a company.

15. Write a blog

Now that you have time, spend at least one hour a day to write a blog post related to your sector of activity. It is a long-term bet, because the first months just you will read anyone, but it can be crucial to build your personal brand and others will see you as an expert in your field.

it is Not necessary that you write with the precision of Borges or the strength of Cela. It is enough that you understand, and for you to show that you know what you’re talking about. If you pass it a corrector ortografico, the better. Mezclate in the conversation with other bloggers, comment on their blogs, writes, discusses, and little by little you will start to be known, and you will be the figure of reference for many who are looking for someone with your profile.

in The end, I was the one who called if you need an expert in project management. in processes or in social networks .

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