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the With YouTube, earn money: how you earn money!

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we live in a time in which YouTube Stars the Hollywood Stars ablosen? Who knows?. At least it seems to be easier to be on YouTube successfully and to earn money. Because of this you do not need to have acting Talent. A creative idea is often sufficient, so that the click jumbled numbers and the ruble rolls. Heimarbeit.de will show you in this article how exactly that!

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the How to earn YouTube money?

Strange. Earn money on the Internet? How is this going to go? For many it is still a long time is not tangible, the ways in which you can earn money on the Internet.

In principle, it is quite simple: Most of the time it comes to advertisements, which may install a money. A single ad is not usually very much. But hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of ads already. Everything revolves on the Internet to a Central term: Traffic!

The English word «Traffic» refers to traffic that exists on a website. And the Whole in a simple word to describe: It comes to visitor numbers! Because the more visitors on a website, the more often an ad can be seen.

you can either try to generate the Traffic on your own website, or, for example, (in the case of the YouTube Stars) on a video platform. YouTube itself is interested too, of the fact that the Video service is possible. And who provides pay as a YouTuber for a good visit, you will be rewarded.

the be rewarded pay Good visit

Who manages to make his channel for lots of Views (this means that the own Videos of the visitors are often seen), has to earn the possibility of using the Views of money. But how do you get a high number of Views?

the creativity and Entertainment: What pays for YouTube really

YouTube his User. More clicks for YouTube mean more advertising revenue, because many of the Videos on the Portal of short advertising will be shown sequences. And the more these sequences are viewed, the more money flowing?t also on YouTube and the YouTuber, who has taken care of his footage for the revenue.

it does not matter whether you are filming yourself with food, presents your pet, or similar. The only copyright infringement, you should pay attention to. In order to be let to earn money. Much more likely is that the Video is blocked due to copyright infringement. In all Other respects, there are also companies with whom you can negotiate good click, as a rule, pay rights Mega-Deals. But more on this elsewhere…

the Who can earn YouTube money?

This question is quite easily answered and the package with a «everyone». Yes, really everyone has the opportunity to earn YouTube money. At the beginning it was so that YouTube even had an offer to make money from the Views. However, with the partnership program since 2012, this Option is for every YouTuber freely selected. This means that everyone has unsolicited the opportunity to make money from his Videos. However, the effort is hardly worth your while, if it is a small number of video call. To really noteworthy to make money, you should can already have really high click.

And yet: The Beautiful of it All is that everyone has the opportunity to earn YouTube money. And the way to this goal is the uber high click-through numbers. You could reach so Decide what theme you as many as possible people and so were able to ensure a steadily growing number of clicks on their Videos.

the YouTube-earnings-examples: What can you earn with YouTube?

of course, it is to know, first of all, interesting how a lot money with YouTube at all earn let. Even if YouTube doesn’t let himself look at in terms of money in the cards, we have you researched yet, some spectacular examples:

The alleged number 1 of YouTube-worthy Stars per year between rich 825.000 and 8.5 million dollars! A Prime example that a YouTube Star can compete very well with some Hollywood Stars. The Name of this YouTube Stars is «PewDiePie». PewDiePie has built up over the years around 30 million subscribers and his Videos about 5 billion calls will be generated. The topic of PewDiePie: Video Games.

The Top 1,000 YouTuber in the world earn, on average, by the way, some 23,000 dollars of advertising. However, it also means a lot of hard work to be a part of the Top 1,000 Youtubers in the world.

the A simple addition to your income?

Many people imagine life as a YouTube Star is probably too easy. If you look at a Video, staring skeptical of the numbers on the click and think: I can do That too. What you don’t see often, may be associated with how much effort the creation of a single video. Moreover, it is sufficient to provide only one Video in the month of publication. It is really the result of pressure to always be more Videos in always shorter intervals published, and to Orient themselves in the own target group. The best Video-to-close?nothing, if no one liked to see.

the How many video views you required?

This is a particularly interesting question: How many video views you really need to be able to really earn money? A full-time YouTuber has made a Statement in an Interview. As the operator of YouTube, receiving Google, 45 percent of the revenue you generate with your Video. You as the video owner of the remaining 55 percent to keep. According to estimates of experts, receiving a YouTuber for 1,000 video views, an average of between about 0.30 and 2.50 euros. This means that you had earned 1 Million video call just between 300 and 2,500 euros.

YouTube Stars rely not only on the so-called AdSense revenue about YouTube, but in addition also on other sources of income such as Affiliate Marketing, advertising or sponsors. These sources provide mostly for higher revenue than AdSense alone.

the conclusion
to be able to

his monthly income through YouTube revenue best riding you had to create at least one Million video views per month. For starters, this is a very ambitious goal. For a nice side income, however, fewer calls to the own Videos. Who, however, patiently and single-mindedly on a regular basis?ig Videos hochladt, which can build up step-by-step in a well-attended channel.

the call For action: So you put the YouTube money machine

Before you make your Videos to the functioning of the money machine, you need Videos that are well received in the Community.

the 1. Step: responsive Videos upload

As the first natural video footage, which attracts viewers on YouTube in its spell. For this purpose you can dedicate yourself to a particular theme that appeals to all, or to a specific target group focus. Important nature is that you on a regular basis?ig new Videos are published, which meet the taste of the Community and for further Views.

the 2. Step: subscribers use

people to whom your Video like you can on your YouTube channel, subscribe to be notified when you are in your channel, a new Video is published. The then are your «Fans» or subscribers. Subscribers for a successful YouTuber, are a au?only valuable asset, because a subscriber does not watch only the latest Videos from a subscribed channel, but Videos are usually even several times. These are valuable video views, the introduction of a YouTuber each Time money.

to use

To the subscribers, should you on a regular basis?ig to post Videos, could this favor. So it could make under the circumstances, its theme of loyalty.

The second part of the Whole is the own YouTube Videos for monetization to unlock. This means that approved YouTube advertising to show Ads to the Video. This is as follows:

the 3. Step: have An account with Google AdSense setting up

The first step is to open an account with Google. Subsequent?end you can sign up for Google AdSense. The AdSense account is linked with your Bank account.

the 4. Step: AdSense account with YouTube channel verknupfen

After you have an AdSense account opened, you can use the Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel verknupfen. To do this, you will log in to his YouTube channel and goes to the side of the «monetization». From there you will be redirected to the Google AdSense page. In this way, by taking relatively simple, the linking of the two accounts.

the what next?

With the monetization will be showing on your Videos, and now commercials. The extent to which the advertising blocks are to be connected, you can in the account settings of your YouTube account. Au?besides, you can as a user to determine whether the advertising should start at the beginning of your Videos, or in the middle of the Video is displayed.

What are the advertising is displayed, you can not influence, unfortunately.

the monetize your Videos

What Videos are Monet, determine to be linearized and which are not, that they will be in your channel settings. However, you should make sure that you exclude?lich Videos to monetize, and do not infringe any copyrights. Even if you cover a song, then you need the permission of the artist. Even the use of background music is approved by the GEMA. So you should make sure that you have all rights for your Videos.

the What kind of content can you monetize?

So that you can monetize your Videos, it is important that you have the complete rights for not have the appropriate Videos. This means that you have created in the optimum case all elements included in the Video itself.

you can Be so creative and let your imagination run wild: Create a Vlog, a home video, a tutorial, present a self-produced music video or a self-produced short film. With such things, you can achieve very good ratings.

Should you want to use any of the content, are protected by copyright, so you must back up for monetization on YouTube with the authorization of the author. This is done in written Form. From time to time, it may happen that YouTube asks that you submit necessary documents, which confirm the approval.

the The YouTuber Tools: target-group analysis at the professional level

As the owner of a YouTube channel, you have to look at the possibility of various statistics and analyses to their Videos. As you can see, for example, the period in which most of the video views one of your Videos have taken place. In addition, resolution YouTube encrypted also, at what age the target audience of the Videos is, from which countries most of the calls come in, or whether it is more likely to be male or female Youtubers, have looked at your Video.

So that you have nature the perfect tool to observe, who exactly is your target audience. In this way, you can make optimizations for the choice of topic of your next Videos and your number of subscribers and video views more in the High.

the caution: tax liability don’t forget!

liked Who earn with YouTube money, the should note that this type of earnings is taxable. For this reason, you should forget in no case shall the tax registration.

image source: © Thomas Pajot — Fotolia.com

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