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Webel: Saale-channel is examined : VHdS e. V.


the Webel: Saale-channel is tested

Tuesday, 04. October 2011, 21:41 PM


Webel: Saale-channel is tested


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MDR.DE, 04. October 2011

of Saxony-Anhalt, stop the construction of controversial about 100-million-Euro, Elbe-Saale-canal for the shipping. The country’s transport Minister Thomas Webel (CDU), said on Tuesday at a town hall meeting in the hall, neither the beaches?e the railway were able to absorb the increasing transport volume. Webel,

dispute over the future of the Saale

At the conference, politicians, entrepreneurs and organizations about discussing the future of the river. Background the plan of the Federal government, the Saale to a so-called residual water beaches?e to downgrade. The hei?t, that the river should not be for the Good. Money from the Federal government, there are then only for the preservation or the restoration of the river landscape. At the conference, the Saale-Alliance took part, the was founded in the beginning of August, several interest groups. The Alliance wants to make especially for the construction of the controversial Saale canal. The district administrator of the salt district, Ulrich Gerstner, said he is not going to resign, that the Saale’ll be catapulted into insignificance. With a downgrade to the previous investments of around 500 million euros were set in the Sand. According to the Halles chamber of industry and Commerce-the main business leader Thomas Brockmeier, many companies, such as Solvay or Esco from Bern castle had also, when choosing a location on the Expansion plans for leaving the Saale.

The counter-position of the Bund for environment and nature conservation, Germany FEDERAL. His spokesman, Ernst Paul Dorfler, said on Tuesday in hall, the true potential of the Saale were in use as water street?e for the good transport, but in the nature of contractual flow of tourism. In the face of a gigantic mountain of debt is unavoidable, Gro?projects such as the construction of over 100-million-Euro hall channel of a seriosen test.

residents want to more than tourism

The people in the Saale Region, want to apparently more than nature-based tourism. A recent survey commissioned by the country’s Ministry of transport shows that After three-quarters of respondents are for this, the Saale continue to be for the good of transport, for Sport and for tourism. Also, a majority of Green-Wahler represents according to the survey, this Position.

Ministry of transport says the Elbe deepening

For further discussions, could provide the assurance of the government of the Czech Republic to the round navigability of the Elbe river for sure. The Secretary of state in the Federal Ministry of transport, Enak Ferlemann, had declared at a Meeting in Prague at the end of September, the Elbe river to get to the Czech border, a depth of 1.60 meters. You thus, to 345 days in the year passable. The background of the increasing transport of goods between the Czech Republic and the port of Hamburg. In April, the Federal Ministry of transport was promoted in the featured waterways, the Elbe is still down. It is then, as the Saale river — no water beaches?e first-class.

Expansion / Saale

Of up to ten kilometers long hall channel between Calbe and Barby in the salt district is to ensure to its construction, could cost more than 100 million euros, a better connection to the river Elbe. In this way, the port hall open all year round for large?e-cargo ships are passable. Already in the 1930s, was provided in Klein Rosenburg, the construction of a dam with the lock and Weir. War the Plane case were due to the left.

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