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the Resolve actual cases from the first course in our Clínica Jurímedical JOIN-Fundaci’n Fernando Pombo

The degree online at Right to JOIN aims to train professionals of the world of jurídico to meet the current needs of the labour market; to enable the capture of contact with reality jurímedical care and face real cases from the first moment.

Faithful to this objective, in the Degree in Law of JOIN we offer a training’re flexible from different perspectives of disciplines to facilitate their adaptaci’n to m&number;multiple scenarios labour and to ensure that the student, once completed their studies of Law, to develop their professional practice in m&number;multiple and varied áareas jurímedical p&number;property and private. In effect, the immense and numerous advances that the social reality has experienced, turn to the Right in a science in continuous and rápido development. In accordance with this reality, the student couldá choose one of the 3 itineraries más specific to the professional practice, such as:



  • Private-business: aimed at the study of the functioning of the company. Allowá the student to deepen in knowledge such as r moan business tax; the responsibility econ’mico criminal of the company; the rights and obligations inherent to the Social Security; the meeting of creditors or the tráfico banking.
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  • Management’n-p&number;public: oriented to the study of sector and function’n p&number;public. The Degree in Law allowá the student into the knowledge of the budgetary law; the regulation’n environmental; r moan jurídico of the entities p&number;property local; the status of the official or the principles of criminolog’to.
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  • Global law: in response to the demands and needs of a globalized world. Prepares the student in the understanding’n of other systems systems and juríphysicians with important international influence current (the common law and american anglosaj’n) and future systems (jurímedical non-western países-ups: indian, chinese, islámico, etc). This tour allowá in parallel to develop the knowledge on the main issues of jurídicas european and international, such as the transport of people and goods’s; communications marívictim, reas, or land; the right on the Internet, or foreign trade.

Clínica Jurícare to Join — Fundaci’n Fernando Pombo

See sesi’re informative virtual deferred

Also, thanks to Clínica Jurímedical JOIN-Fundaci’n Fernando Pombo, in JOINING we turn our classrooms in a law firm, making it possible for our students to learn to exercise advocacyíto and provide a service to society while they are studying.

At the Clínica students decide the cases jurímedical and living Pro-Bono (inter s, social) raised by the Fundaci’n Fernando Pombo their beneficiaries (disadvantaged groups). In this way, the students work in a team, with the metodología and deadlines of the law, being oriented and guided by a teacher and clínico skilled in the art. Finally, the resolution’n of the case is proposed to the Foundation’n sta gives feedback on its viability.

Así it is as students of this Degree Law online develop the skills to understand, analyze, and rigorously study the Law; to use the tools and skills acquired in the research’n, evaluation’n and improvement of the activity jurídico-política of the different instances of government and administration’n; and to become good professionals in the exercise of advocacyía.

In the case of students with functional diversity, the university mayá at his disposal all the resources necessary to pursue their education online in a satisfactory manner.

When finished, the student shall beá Títitle Official University Graduate in Law, that will giveá access to the studies of Máster.

official Degree as published in the official gazette (resolution’n 14 January 2011). See previous curriculum .

Description of the article: a law degree is Now possible to pursue the Degree in Law online ?you know where you can study it? UNITE offers you mode 100% online and with training practices

Source: Degree Online Law — JOIN

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